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(Dec 05, 2011)
Doh forgot you expired
(Dec 04, 2011)
Not awesome enuff to pay a months sub til the 15th bud :) cheers though!
(Dec 04, 2011)
If you get bored Pest you have to try the new open pvp deathmatch thingy in Darkmoon. Awesome
(Nov 30, 2011)
More setting difficulty for the general populace :)
(Nov 30, 2011)
raid finder first 4 bosses in 1 hour and 15 mins no wipe slightly undertuned i definatly think so
(Nov 29, 2011)
No wonder then that they disabled the comments on that video...
(Nov 29, 2011)
man the 4.3 cinematic was the crappiest ever, realy hope the new content is better cause that cinematic feels so rushed
(Nov 27, 2011)
Sry guys but i wont be making it for the raid tonight. Took longer than expected to get home from dropping olly off at the airport.
(Nov 23, 2011)
My bro is stopping for a week before he leaves for Japan for Xmas so wont be on much at all. Cant make tonight as Ill be picking him up and Sunday is doubtful too. Hopefully back next week
(Nov 18, 2011)
sry about not showing up on wed raid, seems my visa got regected by blizzard and my sub didnt get renewed, gona talk to the bank again on friday to see if they have solved it.
(Nov 09, 2011)
Agree grond, pretty much all attempts yesterday was realy good ones, compared to the attepts on sunday we almost reached 40% every try. the only thing we need to have abit more phocus on is to move way from ring of fire, duno if all get dbm warnings for it, all should check there dbm settings, if enabled you get a big text msg and a warning sound wich is hard to miss(most of the times :P)
(Nov 09, 2011)
Good job on yestrdays raid, ladys and gents, nice progress, few more raids and raggy will fall
(Nov 07, 2011)
glad it went well lij :) hope to see u online again soon
(Nov 07, 2011)
Sitting at work wanting my internet back!! Move went great tho. Miss you guys.
(Nov 01, 2011)
Got business in Leeds today - may not make the raid tonight. Sorry -ill do my best to get back
(Oct 29, 2011)
Nah Zeti was well and truely bugged they had to move her around then ofc I had to delete addons and WTf just to make them happy ! took about an hour GM tried loads before asking me to do that but I just moved them and then moved them back after she was found
(Oct 28, 2011)
might bin the realm restart?
(Oct 27, 2011)
vek is ok zeti :)
(Oct 27, 2011)
Is Vek down? I got kicked and can't get back on but can log other realms np
(Oct 24, 2011)
illborns ghost haunts these forums :P