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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Dec 13, 2012)
zeti, i think you should be more active, this inactivity is abit long i think :D
(Dec 07, 2012)
my hd is abit busted atm, so gona be off for awile
(Dec 02, 2012)
will most likely not make it tonight, got a cold and fever is getting higher so heading to bed early.
(Dec 01, 2012)
glad you like it :)
(Nov 28, 2012)
Like the new look much much better :)
(Nov 18, 2012)
Era where ru !
(Oct 29, 2012)
Login servers were down ;)
(Oct 28, 2012)
access is down on mine too
(Oct 28, 2012)
HELP!!!!! i cant get online
(Sep 30, 2012)
You liking the new expansion folks? I just got home and my copy laid there waiting on the floor ;)
(Sep 26, 2012)
Anyone know if server is down? Cant login for some reason?
(Sep 24, 2012)
i'll try to be on till midnight for any alts wanting an invite..good luck people. get levelling !!
(Sep 24, 2012)
Not long to go people......Bring it on!!!!!!
(Sep 21, 2012)
(Sep 03, 2012)
bah Michael Clarke Duncan from the green mile have died after that blasted heartattack in july... :(
(Sep 03, 2012)
Argh seriously now i am constantly getting dced this is startign to piss me off this patch
(Aug 30, 2012)
any good pest?
(Aug 30, 2012)
hey peeps, if anybody is playing guild wars 2 and wants to join up, we are on Gandara server :)
(Aug 30, 2012)
no suprice there, they always manage to mess stuff up with major patches =)