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[Pinned] READ This before applying.

Please insure that applications to join Pandemic all follow this format:Name:Character Name:Class:Level:Age:Why you want to join Pandemic:Why you would be a good addition to the guild:A little bit about yourself:Anything you would like to add:
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Nearne-Eonar, ilvl 710 Resto Druid, Balance off-spec

Name: Coen BijpostCharacter Name: NearneClass: Druid - Resto/Balance - Resto mainLevel: 100Age: 34Why you want to join Pandemic: I'm currently in a guild thats not active anymore. I'm really looking for a guild to spend some more time with. Especi...
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Hunter, Dulcetta

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Name:KiCharacter Name:LakikaClass:HunterLevel:81Age:30Why you want to join Pandemic:I have joined already but thought it sensible to also join the website for forum chat.Why you would be a good addition to the guild: Im happy to stop and help peop...
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Hi folks, just an update on the recruitment front :- following discussion between the GM and officers it has been decided to make an effort to increase the base membership of the guild. Recruitment is open to all classes and levels, raider rank no...
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Lazeí, dw frost dk

Name: MickeCharacter Name: LazeíClass: Death Knight ArmoryLevel: 85Age: 35(in a few days)Why you want to join Pandemic: my prev guild on stormrage pretty much died raidwise and the server it self is getting more and more filled with mentaly challa...
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poss realm transfer

hi im friend of columbine and bin thinking of maybe changing realms and got curious on this current guild lost quite alot of members(tnx to this blasted summer ;P) and is more or less dead raidingwise and stormrage seem to be a magn...
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