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#12116152 Feb 29, 2016 at 09:02 AM
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Name: Coen Bijpost

Character Name: Nearne

Class: Druid - Resto/Balance - Resto main

Level: 100

Age: 34

Why you want to join Pandemic: I'm currently in a guild thats not active anymore. I'm really looking for a guild to spend some more time with. Especially in normal/heroic HFC.

Why you would be a good addition to the guild: I'm very motivated to finish HFC, currently 10/13N and 1/13Hc. iLvl 710 resto, 707 balance. At the moment I try to finish end game by PUGging, but that gets old very fast.

A little bit about yourself: I have a chronic pain disease and am home all days. I have 2 kids.

Anything you would like to add: Due to my illness and 2 kids, it might happen that irl gets before gaming. But I really try my hardest to keep any promises I make. Raid times for me are 20:00 till 24:00 realm time.
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