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#8834715 Dec 12, 2013 at 08:52 PM
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Ive moved the event from dec 26th to jan 2nd, its the end of the Winter Veil event(finaly xmas crap is over :P) and its to welcome the new year.

more info about the race will be added here either at dec31 or jan 1

all who enters is garuanteed something but you have to finnish the race, so you cant join and then deside to leave just because ur garuanteed to win something ;)

prices so far is

Nr1: Sky Golem Mount
Nr2: 5 primals(wich is the cost for the legendary meta gem) + gold
Nr3: 5 primals + gold(but its atleast 1k lower than what Nr2 gets)
Nr4+: gold

the exact sum will be known after the race is over since its hard to know now how many that will come.

and be prepared that this event could take a wile.

Got 1m hp fully buffed
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