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Character Name:Lakika




Why you want to join Pandemic:I have joined already but thought it sensible to also join the website for forum chat.

Why you would be a good addition to the guild: Im happy to stop and help people. I have seen and benefitted from members of this guild who have stopped and helped me without being asked, they just saw I was in trouble with a mob and killed it for me, instead of waiting for me to wipe and stealing epic mob for themselves. I want to be under a guild banner that I can be proud of for the reputation of doing the right thing. I didnt realise you were a raiding guild when I applied but the above still stands and I want to be under Pandemic.

A little bit about yourself: I work Mon-Weds so not online much on those days as I do very long shifts. I have 2 csv wolfdogs who are very demanding and have taught me the meaning of patience, and I am actively involved in fundraising for wolfdog rescue. I also have a belgian shepherd who is a little angel. I have been away from WoW for many months as most of my friends stopped playing and for me WoW is a people game. Im in the process of doing a total gut and refit on my house which is a time consuming and cash destroying process so WoW is my social life as going out is something I remember in the dim and distant past.

Anything you would like to add:Pizza and Rum.
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Welcome to our wonderful guild hope you will enjoy it. Any time you need help just ask theres usually someone around happy to help.
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